Midday What will heal from drunkenness?

The year began well. Chairman Lyagushkin in the spring knocked out for the collective farm new equipment: two tractors, a dump truck and three combine. Spring and half of summer flew by. And everything went, as they say, "like clockwork." But one hot August day, when there was a “battle for the harvest” everywhere, it seemed to the peasants-machine operators that they had put the reins under their ass - they drank it tight, so much so that they couldn’t even get into the tractor.

Tales of Baikal. What did the old eagle tell about the White smith?

The blacksmith had a son Bulad **. According to tradition, the craft of the father was transferred in those parts to children. Mastered and Bulad blacksmithing. Yes, people were talking, his heart was beating evil in his chest, his soul was covered with rust. The time came, the young blacksmith married. His wife was a match for him: envious, greedy and quarrelsome.

How to sell bored things?

Sometimes you just need money, and sometimes the thing is tired and you want to buy something new, better. So how to sell quickly and for a decent price? Now there are a lot of ways to sell annoying property, in the USA they even arrange so-called yard fairs, when the owner brings old (or not so) things on the street that he would like to sell.

Why stamp concrete?

Since then, concrete products are used more and more, one of the "know-how" of recent years - decorative surfaces of stamped concrete. Such surfaces perfectly mimic natural materials, have high performance and relatively inexpensive. Today, platforms and parking lots, driveways and sidewalks, footpaths and even floors are made of stamped concrete.

Hopelessness - what is it?

Hopelessness is hopelessness. Why precisely hopelessness? It is believed that there is always a way out of any situation. The fact is that people just lose hope and faith. Especially scary when people lose faith in life and see no meaning in later life. A. Blok beautifully conveyed the state of hopelessness in one of his poems: Night, street, lantern, pharmacy, Gaga and dim light.

How to stop being late? We care about punctuality.

From the diary: I am late because I am starting to get ready at the last moment, because I feel sorry for wasting time preparing myself in advance, because when it is time to go out, I discover dirt on my shoes. I can't remember where I left my jeans, what lectures at the institute today, and what I will read on the way there and back.