How did Afghanistan remain in the memory of Boris Kirillov? Part 2

After we made four flights to Southern Baghlan by a pair (master-slave), having transferred a group of paratroopers there, it turned out that the next batch of “passengers” would be only in two hours. Of course, it gave the spirits time to prepare for the "meeting", but there is nothing to do, both crews went to dinner. Snack, coming out of the dining room, lit up.

Grace and thrift: why do some savages compare a bride to a filly?

Therefore, I underline with boldness: the author does not at all support the position of the acquishers and even savages described in the article, so to speak! He only draws some conclusions, which are probably guided by these same boors in such a delicate matter as choosing a bride for her son. After all, this problem has always been acutely on the agenda of any family, including primitive.

Between us girls: how to prevent marriage in marriage?

And it is beautiful! Life on earth would cease if this desire to serve life as a wife, as a mother, were cut off in us women. After all, all the other things that are so important for a strong half, such as work, career, success, power, glory, and deeds, are forced upon us by society and against the very essence and purpose of the female role.

How to sympathize with friends?

Is sincere sympathy possible for a not very close person? Hardly. When a friend or friend talks about his trouble, we represent only ourselves in this situation, not him. How do we know what is happening in an alien soul? Whatever words he expressed his feelings, we will never fully understand them.

Is it good to live fastened to my mother's skirt?

Of course, some people succeed in successfully resisting and, over time, completely shield themselves from hyper-trust. But most have to bear the burden of parental love patiently for many years. What is bad that adults are trying to protect their offspring from the hardships of life? The problem is that they want to protect their treasure from normal life even when it has grown long ago.