How to find a job in security?

Most employers promise a decent salary, social package, benefits, etc. But as often happens, many of these offers are untrue and are placed only to attract more applicants, from which someone will arrange the proposed, but not written conditions.

The security services market currently offers various vacancies - security guards, guards, administrators, supervisors, and technical staff. Most citizens refer them to the guards, but it is not.

First of all, you need to understand the concept of a guard. From the point of view of the law (the Federal Law "On Private Detective and Security Activities in the Russian Federation"), a security guard is a citizen of the Russian Federation who has undergone relevant training, passed a qualifying exam and received a security guard certificate (many are certified as a license guard). The same law states that it is prohibited to perform security duties without a security certificate, for which administrative liability is imposed in the form of a fine. In addition, the law (“On private detective and security activities in the Russian Federation”) provides security services only to companies specifically set up to carry them out and licensed for this activity, that is, only Private Security Organizations (or private security organizations). Other organizations and enterprises do not have the right to provide security services on their own and may be held accountable, including criminal, for engaging in illegal business activities (Art. 171 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

In this regard, only a private security company or a private sector organization can hire guards; other individuals or legal entities cannot officially hire a security guard. And in accordance with the current legislation, for the protection of their property, they are obliged to involve a private security company or a private organization (enter into a security agreement) with an appropriate payment for these services.

Therefore, in order to save money, many commercial organizations offer vacancies of a caretaker, controller or administrator who actually perform the duties of a security guard.

As a rule, the work of the guard, the controller and the administrator does not need any credentials, training and relevant experience. And accordingly, the organization spends less money on their maintenance than on attracting a security company with qualified security guards. But at the same time administrators, controllers, guards, as a rule, do not always receive less wages than official guards.

How to find a good job in security?

If you have a security certificate and the corresponding qualification level (4,5,6), you first need to pay attention to the vacancies of official security organizations, enterprises (PSC, OEP). See their proposed salary, conditions, additional guarantees and benefits. In large cities, the minimum wage of an official security guard in 2014 is approximately 18,000 rubles, and if the vacancy rate is lower, then, as a rule, unlicensed security guards or security guards from other regions, i.e. the company has a large “turnover” of personnel. And this should immediately alert.

The existing opinion that good work can only be found in a large, long-running enterprise can, in principle, be ignored. When analyzing the proposed posts, you can see that in most large security companies, as a rule, a small salary is offered for security guards, above average is offered only for chiefs of security or senior shifts, but for this work there must be adequate work experience and education.

For high-paying security positions, in addition to managers, it is possible to include work in bodyguards (bodyguard). This work is an elite for the guards. Most of the employees of special units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the FSB, the GRU, who have the appropriate training and sports classes in various martial arts, are taken as personal guards. But here it should be noted that it is rather difficult to get a personal security service: employers, as a rule, accept people for recommendations or are well known to these positions.

To work in the chop can be accessed without a certificate (license). Some private security firms also invite non-licensed candidates who are sent for training and then licensed at their own expense or at the expense of private security firms, after which they are accepted as security guards.

In the next stage, it is desirable to find out feedback about this PSC through a friend or via the Internet. However, one does not need to unconditionally believe the reviews, especially from the Internet; there, as a rule, especially bad reviews are left by those people who for one reason or another were fired from these private security firms for negative reasons.

Next, you need to contact the employer by phone or e-mail, to clarify whether the vacancy is still relevant and the proposed conditions. It is preferable to contact by phone, as you can immediately clarify some points, arrange a personal meeting or an interview. A preliminary meeting with a representative of the employer is obligatory, it is possible to get acquainted with the proposed conditions in detail, see the intended place of work, and also communicate with the guards working there (it is desirable to do this without a representative of the employer, so the conversation will be more candid).

At the interview the applicant must arrive at exactly the appointed time, not too early and not be late. It will talk about his punctuality. If he arrives too early, then first of all, his arrival may disrupt the work schedule of the personnel officer. If it is too late, it will say that the applicant cannot keep his word and execute everything on time. The best option is to arrive at the place of the interview in advance, wait until the appointed time nearby, and go to the place of the interview at the appointed time.

During the interview, behave calmly, first clarify the questions of interest to the vacancy, answer the questions asked briefly and to the point, if necessary, present all the available documents. Do not strongly show that you are very interested in this job.

Here it is necessary to take into account that in many security companies interviews are conducted by former military personnel or law enforcement officers working with personnel. And they give preference to disciplined, fit, short-responding and essentially candidates.

When talking, be sure to check the size of your future salary, how much you will receive officially. As it is now practiced setting the minimum official wage, operating in the region and the security guard profession, it is about 9000 rubles per month on average, and the rest is paid in an envelope or in the form of bonuses or premiums. Therefore, we must bear in mind that all payments, including to the pension fund, will be made from your official salary, and the more it is, the higher the pension savings will be. If this is not important to you, you can omit this moment.

It is also necessary to clarify about the social package: the provision of vacation, sick leave, payments for processing, time off, bonuses.

As a result of the interview, you can usually be given three answers:

1) you are recruited;
2) you do not fit;
3) "we will call you back."

In the case of the third option, it is possible that they will call you back and offer you a job, but, as a rule, this happens rarely. With this phrase, the employer as if politely refuses.

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