How to get into the "bull's eye", hiring an employee?

For ten years of patronage, something valuable has accumulated, I want to share the secrets of finding employees with colleagues and friends in misfortune.

So ... How can you minimize meeting with candidates for a vacancy? I am repelled by the fact that I invite to work not a nuclear physicist or an intimate sex shop tester, but an ordinary receptionist-maid in a mini-hotellet's say

  • After reading the summary and determining that the person corresponded in absentia, it would be good to invite a telephone first to the interview. At this stage, the majority is eliminated, percent 95%.
  • If there is no photo in the profile of a resume, it is better not to even invite - the person is either illiterate or “does not want to shine his face”.
  • If in a telephone conversation the candidate takes the initiative of the conversation, and sometimes he just interrupts the future employer, it is better to say goodbye at once. Essentially, the interview does not understand, tactless, upstart, hyperactive, etc.
  • If you get an answer to the question “the last three jobs” and understand that these three dismissals happened within one year - say goodbye.
  • If he says that you need to consult with her husband - say goodbye. All normal people are consulted, but why state this to the employer ?! The person himself cannot make decisions. She will constantly “sit” in the phone, consulting with the cute about every step at work.
  • If a candidate speaks illiterately, it will hardly be pleasant to communicate with him both to you, and colleagues, and clients. I have not learned so far - it means that he reads little, writes little, and thinks little, fact.
  • If the candidate has a nickname of the type “sexy_girl” in social networks, it is better not to get involved. For work.
  • If the question “who are you on a horoscope?” Or “are you an atheist or a believer?”, The candidate answers the question: “Why do you need this?” We hang up. The owner of a private company takes to the state almost as a family. If the son brought the future daughter-in-law, we want to know everything, right? Well, to just as quickly as possible loomed the nature of a potential relative. Horoscopes, perhaps, garbage, but still something in this. According to my observations, Scorpios are not suitable for this particular post. Experience has shown. But very suitable Lions, Aries, Taurus. Sagittarius, Capricorns will not stop - they will copy the business and open their own in a year. Dev I would take a lawyer.
  • If a woman of retirement age says that she looks no older than thirty - well, no, no, no! Everyone looks their age. Just one is great, while others are second-hand in good or not very good condition, sorry. Eyes have age, in which clothes and uniforms do not row.
  • If the candidate does not ask about the salary - is bad. But if he doesn’t ask if there is a possibility of growth and additional earnings, it’s very bad. Money is not needed. Will not work. Will work out.
  • If the candidate says that he chose you on the basis of geolocation, but does not live in the suburbs - there is little hope that once, if force majeure happens, he will quickly begin to solve the problem beyond the working day.
  • If the candidate boasts great connections, cool relatives, her husband, the tax chief, promises to solve issues, etc. - oh, oh, oh! Run, run, run. Take this fast - and how to dismiss later?
  • If at the end of the conversation he says that now he needs to do some things, he will call back or come for an interview in a week or two - we put a pipe, say goodbye. Work is not needed by man.
  • If he says that he worked before your competitors - God forbid, it would be better to avoid such "happiness". You will most likely learn other people's secrets, but you will also surrender your traitor.
  • Well, the most important and most difficult - the future employee must love the work that you burn, breathe. And if you yourself are not in love with your business (I hate that word) ... If you yourself are not in love with your business, you can hardly make anyone creative, try and love clients like relatives.

Well, if you hear during the first conversation on the phone, that a person dreamed about such work, that he really wanted to, that he was ready even tomorrow, even now to go to shift ... Take it! At the very least, let's invite this to the office for an interview.

And by the way, what a pleasure to encourage loyal and intelligent employees! Hold on to them as they hold on to you. Send to the sea at the expense of the company, give smartphones, pay for trips to the cinema and theaters. Everything will pay off with interest - it’s not even a bonus, it is a gift from the bottom of the heart, which is much more valuable and clearer than the reward in banknotes.


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