How to gain weight?

As with everything connected with the human body, there is no single solution, there is no universal pill that can be swallowed - and immediately get better.

If for weight loss it is necessary to have willpower (of course, this is a healthy person who just has excess weight, then in order to gain weight, effort alone will not be enough.

What do you want to know who want to increase their low weight? How to collect it within reasonable limits and remain at the same time a healthy person?

Of course, to solve the problem of low weight, like any other problem of the body, it is necessary with the help of doctors, guided by the rule "do no harm!"

One of the enemies that prevent weight gain is cigarette. Quitting smoking will give you your first chance to get a little better. It is also undesirable to use alcohol, strong tea and coffee-containing drinks. They negatively affect the nervous system. And all those who wish to recover need to maintain a calm lifestyle and, if possible, protect themselves from unnecessary experiences.

If you have been worried about how to gain weight for many years, you will have to change your lifestyle and diet. Assistant in gaining weight will be fresh air. Walk longer and more often. Fresh air and walking activates all processes in the body, including a good appetite.

For everyone who wants to gain weight, it is important to observe the daily regimen - in particular, to review the meal schedule. Food intake should be at least 5, during the meal you need to chew food more carefully. Try to diversify your menu as much as possible. Even the most favorite dish used daily, sooner or later get bored.

If circumstances allow, lie down for 20–30 minutes after eating, let the food you eat be properly absorbed.

What foods and drinks are useful to those who are puzzled by the question of how to gain extra weight?

Forget all low-calorie foods and drinks. If milk is, then, with a percentage of fat not lower than 3.2%, if yogurt is creamy, if cheese is fatter. In your diet must be present rice, legumes, pasta. Do not forget about vegetables and fruits, as well as foods rich in proteins. The latter include cheese, fish, chicken, eggs, red meat.

If the problem of your small weight lies in the lack of appetite, you will need products and means of stimulating it. Make it a rule to eat from beautiful dishes and decorate each dish. Aesthetically designed dish improves appetite and promotes efficient digestion.

However, I want to add. When deciding how to gain weight, do not get carried away, so you don’t have to deal with another problem - how to lose weight. If you feel good, you are not tormented by health problems and your small weight is only an aesthetic problem, think maybe it is not worth changing anything? This is how our body works, you will surely gain the required kilograms after forty years.

You do not want them to be superfluous?

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