Why romance stars?

Roads mean only lonely rushing home cars. But where are they going? Home sweet home where are you? Thank you that the hooligans are sleeping quietly in their beds. Caring mothers have already showered them with strong tea and pushed a soiled basin under the bed. Only you, a romantic, wander off to where. Under the feet of either a ditch, or some kind of trash. But the legs are still intact.

And suddenly, oh heaven, out of the corner of your eye you notice a cheerful wink. One star, two stars, and best of all, five stars ... And now they wink at each other in the clouds and laugh merrily: “Where are you going, romantic? Your house is in the other side. ”Thanks to the ancient authors, who arranged illustrations of their depraved stories in the sky. If not for them, then where would you be? Here, finally, the guiding star lit up your path. Forward! Or rather, back! And then, finally, home sweet home.

And how will the stars help romance?

Of course, the main thing - these are the most depraved stories about the inhabitants of Olympus, descending on pleasant earthly fat women, lonely languishing in the towers. Either in the form of a golden rain, or some animal with horns and hooves. All these stories are very romantic and fascinating. However, today many of them can be attributed to bestiality or even more abruptly.

Lying quietly in a stack under a cold August sky, dotted with diamonds of stars, you can recall the Zodiac. And also about the planets, aspects and other astrology. But you should not get involved. Since it may be that a girl in astrology is a much greater expert. Otherwise - it's just boring.

And you can remember the basics of the occult and the legendary Hermes Trismegistus with his emerald, I mean emerald, tablets. In them, he wrote that everything above is similar to what is below. Occultists think this is all literal. Orions there, in heaven, all sorts, Swans and other animals. Everything is like on Earth. But in attachment to orienteering in the sky, this similarity is called projection. Just simply. And the mysterious crystal spheres of the ancients today are called the celestial sphere, onto which stars and other luminaries are projected. And also the Earth with its poles and the equator.

But the main aid to romance from the stars is that they will always show him the right path. The compass can go to a huge cistern buried fifty years ago. The sun in the romantic hour is no longer shining. In the navigator sat down batteries. And you have to go.

What does that require?

First you need to explore these same stars. Their mutual arrangement. You can explore with star maps or atlases. Better yet, get a planetarium program. Only have to periodically run out to the yard to check with the sky. The most advanced training option is a mobile planetarium navigator. It is quite expensive, but it does not have to run home to look into the computer. All the cards on hand, and even they are determined by themselves in the sky.

The mutual position of the stars must be learned so that, by a separate fragment of the sky, to find out where the North Pole (or the South) is located. Everyone knows the example of the two Bear dippers. This picture is painted in children's books. On the side of the “bucket” far from the “handle”, the Polar station is located at a distance of five segments between the “bottom and the tire”. The same schemes can be constructed on other characteristic figures. For example, on the Pegasus Square or the Great Summer-Autumn Triangle.

In order to clearly imagine where some parts of the celestial sphere are located and how they relate to the Earth, one must at least in general terms imagine spherical geometry. And in general, it is necessary to have a good spatial perception. If your future romantic is still sleeping in the crib, then it’s best to start bringing up the spatial thinking of the year at 4-5. To rely on the school course of drawing or the institute's “trailer” is impossible. They simply formalize existing thinking. Who did not - he was late.

Of course, we must understand very well why we need the North (or South) and where we need to go. Without knowledge, at least in general terms, the map on which you are, you will not come anywhere.

What else can help the stars?

A romantic encounter may not end as routinely as described at the beginning. After such a "holiday" you can wake up in another dark place. So that the stars are visible only in the gap of the barn, and the Polar is hidden behind the neighboring mountain. And the first questions in this situation are not two eternal Russian questions, but “Who am I?” And “Where am I?”. And the stars will help answer the second question. It is only necessary to clearly understand what stars appear at what time of the day and time of year. For example, if you suddenly find that Orion has ascended over your head in the middle of the summer, then this is clearly not Russia. It is, more likely, North America. And if there is not a single “romantic” constellation above the head, sent to the sky by the ancient Greeks, but only a solid technique or geometry (Southern Cross or Octant), then the South Pole is clearly closer than the North. If Zodiac is above the head, then the equator is already close.

And what can not help romance?

In searching for the path, many children’s, and often not children’s, books refer us either to mosses and lichens, or to overgrown grasses and tilted trees or even ant houses. That to churches and cemeteries.

The trouble is that all these objects do not care where the north or south is. Lichens love moisture, grass and ants love heat. And the trees are generally leaning in different directions. Or, depending on the wind, or moving away from the paths (oh, they do not like us, romantics). There may be measurement errors during the construction of churches. In short, to rely on all this means not to love yourself and rely on the Russian “maybe” that this romance is completely inadmissible. And indeed in the "romantic" hour of all this is not visible. Like the map, the compass and the road under your feet.


Thanks to the ancient "romantics" who revived their sky, populating it with astral spirits. Thanks to the ancient astrologers who have learned to calculate the position of the stars and planets. Thanks to modern scientists who have divided all this into exact and humanitarian sciences. And thanks to ourselves when we practice our capabilities, studying all these different areas of the “romantic” star sciences. Here a natural scientist with a mathematical mindset and a humanist who adores the legends and myths of Ancient Hellas and a mystic who thinks in completely different categories will find for himself the opportunity to turn around. And all together it contributes to perfect harmonic thinking, so beloved by the ancients.

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