How to exercise on a stationary bike to lose weight?

Is there really no benefit from all these sports "bells and whistles"? But someone uses them? Why are there more reviews that people do not see any results? Firstly, those who are satisfied with something, very rarely write about it. They simply have no time for this. And if our people are dissatisfied with something, then he must speak, so much so that he must be heard. Well, that is our mentality.

Although it should be noted that in the last couple of years began to appear and praise honest reviews. It is only necessary to learn to distinguish between "custom praise odes" paid for by interested parties from those written from the heart. Over time, “paid” reviews are recognized at times: by writing style, by location, by text volume ...

Why am I doing this? Besides, negative feedback is not always based on real facts. And the facts are as follows: it’s not enough to know how to exercise on a stationary bike to lose weight, it is important to study regularly. And not a week, not two, but constantly. Then there will be a visible result.

Note! Not everyone can train with an exercise bike. Even if you know how to exercise on a stationary bike to lose weight, do not risk if the doctor forbade you to do this! There are many contraindications, the main ones are: severe forms of diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes mellitus, and oncology. It is also contraindicated for people with thrombophlebitis and suffering from pain in the knees. In any case, before buying an exercise bike, go to the doctor, so as not to harm your body.

So, the permission of the doctor is received, what further?

It is necessary to begin exercises with a warm-up, during which you will prepare all the muscles for a workout on a stationary bike. The warm-up should include exercises for the shoulder girdle, thighs, legs, and feet. Pick up exercises so that they are aimed at stretching the muscles that will be used during training on the exercise bike.

Do not pedal earlier than 2 hours after eating. At the end of the workout, wait at least an hour, and then you can eat. During training, it is not recommended to drink water, it is better to just rinse your mouth, well, in extreme cases, you can take a sip.

How to exercise on a stationary bike to lose weight, if before that you were not involved in sports at all? To start 3-4 times a week, pedal for half an hour. Watch your pulse. The pulse rate should not exceed 70% of the maximum heart rate corresponding to age. How to determine the desired pulse? From 220, subtract your age, and you will get the maximum age pulse (profit center).

In the first workout, it is necessary to monitor the pulse, because the load is not so important as the time spent on the workout. When you notice that you are tirelessly ready to pedal for 30 minutes, you can increase the load, as well as the training time up to 45 minutes.

Cycling fans (training on exercise bikes) noticed that if you pedal for an hour and perform hand movements with rhythmic music, you can easily lose weight in a short time. In a week you need to do at least 5 times.

To practice on a stationary bike you will need:
- training apparatus;
- sneakers with hard soles;
- comfortable clothing;
- good mood and belief in success.

Spin the pedals and be healthy!

Watch the video: Stationary Bike Set Up for Pelvic Floor Safe Exercises (December 2019).


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