What is the most effective way to protect a ship from attack? Part 1

Well, and the beginning of the 90s, if someone still doesn’t know or has already forgotten it, it’s not a railing for you. Universal voucher privatization. Well, the Northern Shipping Company did not leave this distribution. It became a joint stock company. Accordingly, the owner of the timber truck changed. It was just a shipping company, and the shipping company became a joint-stock company. Well, even though the flag and port of registry has not changed.

True, the last - not for long. After 14 months, the owner of the good old timber truck drew a picture. Joint venture "Uniarh". And even though it didn’t change the flag of the country, the port of registry already identified Valletta. And this is not the White, but the Mediterranean Sea. Which, as you know, washes and the Middle Eastern coast. Probably, it is not surprising that even after 22 months, the “Kungurles” not only once again changed its owner, becoming already “Al Kharef”, but also got a Syrian Lattakia port of registry.

An interesting thing is life. All in a spiral, in a spiral. And at the next round you suddenly come back to the same point where you once was. Only this point ... It seems to be the same, but in fact - further from the one that was already in your life, for a good ten years.

* * *

We went to Beirut on that “Kungurles”. True, then I did not even know what a timber carrier was built in Finland. Because between ourselves, we called this type of ship "the old Germans." Perhaps due to the fact that they had strong hulls. After all - not just a timber truck. Ice class timber truck! And what is the strongest steel? No, for our, I do not even doubt. And besides ours? Right! German. Kruppovskaya. The one from the old “Tigers”, “Panthers” and “Ferdinands” was melted down for peaceful purposes.

Well, plus to that. Maybe "Kungurles" and everything that is of the same type with him, therefore, turned into "old Germans", that the main engine of him, if you look closely at the factory nameplate that has survived to our times, was the Burmeister and Vine diesel company. 2,900 horses! Well, who are these Boer, Meister and Vine? By itself - the Germans. And for the second one, I can say for sure that he loves to command, and the latter also, with our fruit and berries, if that doesn’t disdain. And in general, who is such a divine drink, one might say, intended for baby food, will it be disdainful? Unless some not very normal. But if the boys were able to block such a diesel ... No, they are normal. Though the Germans. Well, the elderly, so this discount and what you can do.

But what is impossible ... So this is the fact that at that time all progressive humanity was already working on ships with thruster. This is when there is an additional propeller in the bow, which gives the ship the opportunity to moor to the pier and move away from it independently, without tugboats. True, in the Arctic and today there are few such vessels. And if they appear there, then mostly in the summer, when there is no ice. But it is now, and then ...

In short, the old hard worker of the northern latitudes, a timber truck of the ice class, normal in all respects, moored to the Beirut mooring wall, has an ice-class timber carrying vessel, instead of wrinkles and scars, having about seven cement boxes on its belly, with which holes in the hull are sealed. Just do not sin on the crew! That is not us. Old age is no joy. Worn metal, plus the effects of ice wiring on the "whiskers" for nuclear-powered icebreakers, which send you such blocks of ice with your screws right under your belly, that your mother does not grieve. Other value of the wheelhouse. She-bo - no less!

In general, we stood up for unloading. But five thousand cubes of edged straw board ... This is not a pound of raisins for you! Moreover, it is only in the four holds. But also the deck cargo! Needless to say, for a day, all this from the board to the pier does not throw. Especially if we take into account that the Arab dockers ... No, that is, if something is unscrewing or slamming, or from the heart for two hours to see how our pekarikha, Galya's mother, sunbathes in one bikini on a poop - here they are horrified guys . Eye yes eye! And how to mess with the load ... Then their speed is somehow rapidly melting. Not otherwise, the climate affects.

But the climate ... It does not matter. The main problem was not that. And the fact that they have there just a civil war - in full swing. In the afternoon, nothing else, but how it gets dark ... And then it begins! It seems that the houses on the odd side of the street are at war with those who sat down on its opposite, even side. Tracers only fly. From there - here. From here to there. Well, at least the port is at some distance from the city. But this, if they are from the "Kalash" hollow. And if from CBT? Or krupnacha? For them, this is the distance from us to the nearest houses ... Ugh, easy. Spit and grind.

Of course, maybe, whoever specifically in Soviet sailors will not take aim, is still adult people, in courses about the fact that “the bullet is a fool”. And this is a city. And in the port, as soon as we arrived at the parish, the local sympathetic comrades instructed us to fire at night and day. Both from air, and from boats. Unknown - who. Civil War. All against all ...

It is not surprising that at first the deck crew was just jealous of the maslopup. They are at home in the engine room. At the bottom. Try to reach them through two decks.

To be continued…

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