Who are Ammanites?

The right hand is in tension, then approaching, then moving away from the holster. In it rests a weighty silver colt, ready to administer fate after the first warning. Breathing is even, looking bored, nervousness gives only a toothpick, constantly wandering around the corners of the mouth. Along the way, a tumbleweed bush, driven by hot wind and road dust, jumps. Woodward thinks it's a good sign. Duelists converge ... And here they are - shots! The crowd of onlookers enthusiastically screams. But what happens? Both cowboys are still on their feet. No one is injured, and the duel is over. The winner was chosen by the crowd, and he, along with the loser, gets into a huge jeep and is carried away in an unknown direction, apparently in the saloon.

Yes, yes, everything is absolutely true! This is not Clint Eastwood or Harrison Ford! In the courtyard of the twenty-first century! Welcome to Woodworth, PA!

This small town is inhabited by Ammanites. People who do not want to change. People who do not want to be part of a busy, fleeting time. People who do not want to sacrifice their principles for the benefits of civilization. In the manner of the Russian Old Believers, Woodward Ammanites from ancient times live in a large commune, keeping neighbors at a distance. Just in Woodworth there is no time in the usual for us understanding. There is always the year 1848. Always Wild West, always cowboys and Indians, saloons and duels, always gold rush and funny country music.

A long time ago after splitting off from the Protestant church, the Ammanites organized their own reservations throughout the United States. The most ideological of them wear black clothes, use horsepower not on the highway, but in the fields of corn and potato beds, do not watch television and are deeply religious people. But to date, there are very few such Ammanites. The roots of civilization can easily reach even the wild tribes of New Guinea, where there are American hermits! Today, Woodworth is popular with tourists. All these duels, horse riding tricks, lasso tricks are all for them. And, of course, today no one will be surprised to see the Ammanite family filling their car with provisions from the supermarket. But, like a hundred years ago, these people will remain a symbol of freedom and power. What Americans value so much.

This is not Harrison Ford or Clint Eastwood! Welcome to Woodworth, friends!

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