What role did the egg play in world culture and mythology?

The role of eggs in world culture is difficult to overestimate. There is nothing to say about Easter, everyone knows that - from simple painted eggs that children love so much to skillful ones Easter eggs and krashenok with complex symbolism (in the city of Kolomyya there is even a Museum of Easter Eggs), and even more so the legendary Faberge jewelry eggs - who does not know about them?

In many cosmogonic myths, an egg is symbol of the universe. In the mythopoetic traditions there is an image "world eggs”, From which the universe emerges as a personified creative power: the Creator, the hero demiurge, the human race. More common motives of the origin of heaven and earth from the top and bottom halves of the world egg, or the sun - from the yolk.

In many cases, the world egg is described as golden; sometimes there are other attributes of the sun. According to the Indian cosmogony, the creator of Prajapati arose from the “world golden egg”, Brahma emerged from it ... In Egyptian myths, the sun emerges from an egg laid by a great bird ... Because of the question of which side to break an egg, a whole war broke out between stupid and pointed. !

One "Ryaba ChickenWhat is it worth - who grew up without this fairy tale? And who, having grown up, did not ask himself, what exactly does it say? For example, why did the grandfather and the woman not have the strength to break the golden egg, and the tiny mouse easily broke it? Why did the woman and grandfather first beat the egg for a long time, and then they cried when the mouse broke it? Why are they comforting chicken promises to carry a simple testicle? Wouldn't it have been better to sell the gold and buy the whole chicken farm with the incubator for the money?
Interpretations of this tale there is a whole sea. What is not only from the most cosmogonic

... the image of a chicken, seeking to merge with the image of a domestic deity. You can also build a whole theory around what constitutes a golden egg, because the egg is a symbol of the beginning of the universe, the new life, the incomprehensible.
... In ancient Russia, everyone knew that the golden egg is a symbol of death. It was received by old people when it came time for them to die (?). The motley hen - an intermediary between heaven and earth - signified the possibility of choice and change. And so those who managed to break the golden egg remained to live. A simple egg is a symbol of a new life.

and up to purely vital

The golden egg is love. Ryaba Chicken is the fate that gave the grandfather and the woman a golden egg. They were very happy about such a gift, but in the depths of their hearts they were jealous, did not trust each other. And they began to beat in turn the golden egg - to test their love. The testicles are not broken and calmed down. But then suddenly a gray mouse appeared - someone's envy. The mouse caught the golden egg with its tail, it fell and broke. Human envy, cunning intrigues and gossip smashed the love of grandfather and woman. They wept bitterly, and the Hen Ryaba promised to carry a simple testicle. A simple testicle is a habit.routine So they will now live out of habit, without love.»)

Materials on the subject “The egg is a symbol of life and the Universe” - more than enough, one more wonderful than the other.

- What is it: a long tail, eyes burning, eggs are small and dirty?
- Turn for the eggs!
(Soviet riddle.)

But no wonder the saying reads: do not confuse God Gift with scrambled eggs - popular common sense contrasts earthly, affordable food and sublime revelations. So we will not be confused. And also remember that the myth introduced during the Soviet deficit that eggs contain some particularly harmful cholesterol has long been debunked: cholesterol is there, but just the way it is needed. Unless, of course, not to get involved in eating eggs beyond measure, as a doctor from the fable A.K.Tolstoy:

“Believe me, doctor (besides jokes!), -

Once the sexton spoke, -
From steep eggs in the stomach
Amber is formed! "

Doctor, skeptical warehouse,
Did not like clerics
And to the clerk in vexation
I swallowed five hundred eggs.

Moans and screams! Everybody is crying
The sacristan calls from the shoulder -
This means: bury
Freethinking doctor.

The hill is poured. At dawn
The feast is over in rain and mud,
And the mind of the mind
They write, clutching their hands.

"This is not past the day, -
Repeats the sexton, -
And already in the doctor's stomach
So did amber! ”

The free-thinking doctor clearly overdid it. Do not, oh, it was not necessary to get so carried away! But this applies to any food. In reasonable proportions, every meal is healthy. I have no doubt that in the culinary articles of the ShZh you can find many beautiful recipes different fried eggs and omelets! And feng shui also claims that there is a lot of beneficial Qi energy in the fried eggs. Especially with green onions. So let's be moderate, and occasionally allow ourselves scrambled eggs - easy to prepare, tasty, satisfying and such a decorative dish. So decorative that artists simply cannot walk past, so as not to display its sunny image in oil on canvas. Look at the picture.

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