Can a rabbit be a man's friend?

Extremely affectionate, kind, sensitive little animal is very touchy, but with mutual trust and gentle handling is able to thank a real friendship.

What are rabbits?

Currently, there are about 200 rabbit breeds in the world, of which about 20 breeds and breed groups are bred in our country. Breeds are divided into various characteristics, for example, the appearance of the ears. Rabbits with long, connecting with each other in the upper part of the head with a thickening (the so-called crown) ears, are called lop-eared, or rams.

In addition, all rabbits are divided into three groups according to the state of hair: ordinary, short-haired, long-haired. There are even plush rabbits whose hair is very similar in appearance and feel to plush. This breed is called "Rex".

In contrast, long-haired rabbits have lush hair, there are also two types: fox rabbits (they can be white and blue) and angora rabbits.

Which rabbit to choose?

It is difficult to talk about preferences, although the popularity of dwarf breeds, both smooth and long-haired, is evident. There are fashion trends, they include Angora dwarf rabbits, they are white, spotty, beige and even blue. The current variants are dominated by the cross variants: for example, the Angora rabbits today in stores and in the markets are often represented by the so-called “Polish Angora”, that is, rabbits imported from Poland by an Fox and angora breed.

Armed with knowledge, look for a store with qualified vendors who can answer your questions. Reputable stores have regular breeders and sell healthy adapted animals or take orders for the desired breed.

How to care for a rabbit?

Keeping and caring for animals is not too burdensome. He must live both in the cage and outside it, he needs to select the territory that will be his home. This zone must first be freed from objects that the rabbit wants to nibble, especially with all kinds of wires. Make it necessary, otherwise communication with the rabbit brother will be overshadowed by resentment at the voracious little animal! It is very important to carefully prepare for the adaptation of the animal in a new place. These efforts will pay off very soon.

The rabbit is cleanly, like the cat, he will choose a certain place for the toilet, it is easy to accustom him to the cat's pallet. Feed, hay, various additives and delicacies are sold in pet stores, in addition, you can diversify the pet's diet with fresh grass, sprigs, vegetables and fruits. In any case, be sure to give hay, which abound in pet stores, and in the most different in weight and shape of the package.

What should not be forgotten?

Getting a rabbit, presenting as a gift, you must be sure that the animal will find a caring owner. Rabbits live about 10 years (smaller dwarf breeds). Care is the first thing your pet needs. The digestive tract of the rabbit must work constantly, otherwise the animal may be poisoned by metabolic products. Hay or other food should always be in the cage - this is an important condition for the proper maintenance of the animal.

When playing with a small animal, especially non-dwarf, remember that its hind legs are quite strong and, if desired, it can strike quite noticeably. Contrary to the established stereotype, the rabbit should not be lifted by the ears. This is very painful for him! Take a friend by the scruff of the neck and, moreover, never click the rabbit on the nose, a strong click can even kill him.

Rabbits are very susceptible to stress, “love” to live out literally, like people, therefore, it is necessary to treat your pet carefully. And yet it must be protected from drafts.

It is worth a thoroughbred rabbit ranging from $ 50, to get better in an authoritative, proven on friends and acquaintances place. A dubious purchase of a pet can turn into an unexpected surprise: a 400-gram baby will weigh 10 kg 12 kg very soon. The main mistakes of the owners - the purchase of a rabbit in a doubtful place, without vaccinations and de-worming, as well as improper feeding (the complete absence of hay and roughage).

Information about rabbits and their content is generously presented on the Internet, in addition, there are clubs of fans and even a nursery for abandoned rabbits. Communicating with like-minded people, fans of rabbits is also capable of bringing into your life almost adventures.


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