Gleb Torsky, "The people of Israel live!". What does a Jew ask the Lord for?

In the foreground there are two soldiers with machine guns, one has a briefcase in his hands (so this is not a patrol). Two cats find out the relationship under the window of the establishment, on the glass of which a huge tea cup is painted, and above the window is the signboard “פלפל, בורקס” (which means “falafel, burekas” in Hebrew, balls fried in butter "and" puff pastries with cottage cheese (potatoes, mushrooms, spinach). "

A little further to the right is another outlet. Signboard - "בגדים, נעליים" ("Clothes, shoes").

To the left of the soldiers down the street is a very old couple - both with completely white heads. In front of them along the way is another shop. Judging by the rags hanging outside, they sell all kinds of haberdashery: scarves, handkerchiefs ...

At the corner, in the window opening, sits a man of European appearance: a mustache, a neatly trimmed beard, moccasin-type shoes. He is in the pile (believer). In his hands - a cane.

The window in front of which he sits shows us a medieval knight (I wanted to put it in the words of Arkady Isakovich Raikin - “Srendekovy”) with a spear and shield in his shell. On the shield - a symbol of the Roman legion.

The shop “JERUSALEM PERFEKT ART” (if you can translate this way - “the magnificent art of Jerusalem”) apparently belongs to immigrants from Germany - this is indicated by the spelling of the word “perfekt”. And he offers his visitors gifts "from antiquity" by the age of at least a couple of thousand years. How many fakes among these gifts - even the store owner does not know.

In the foreground on the left - as a symbol of life - a cart with bagels "בייגלה" (bagel). And in the very center of the picture there is an unusual stone table, on which there are two cups, a plate with bagel (small crispy dough rings covered with salt and sumsum).

If you look at the table, you can see that its side surface is not smooth, it is striated. Obviously, this is the remnant of some ancient column. And on this surface there is an inscription in Latin letters, which can be translated approximately like this: "We, soldiers of the X legion, testify that there are no Jews here and never will be."

Jerusalem, free from the Jews ... So says the inscription on the street in Old Jerusalem, which is located near the Schem Gate. You just need to enter the gate, turn right and go forward a bit - and you will see this unusual table and the Jews that exist around it.

This is how Gleb Torsky, the artist, saw the story of Dina Rubina. The plausibility of the presentation made him indomitable desire to find a column and decipher the inscription again (if it exists).

Gleb began to act. He included in the search for all his acquaintances, all friends, all who somehow could help him. Everywhere he received one answer: “There is no such column!”

Gleb did not give up. He continued to send questions. And once the answer came in which this column was described and the inscription on it was deciphered - from Germany. Alas, the content of the inscription was not related to the Jews. She (the inscription) reported that the soldiers of the X legion put this column in honor of their commander.

And how beautiful it was presented by Dean Rubin! And what should an artist do? Tell the world the truth, hidden from the general public, or leave to live in paints a picturesque legend?

Moltke said (according to gossip): “The truth, the truth, and only the truth. But not the whole truth. ” Gleb followed in the footsteps of Moltke. He left a clue inscriptions viewers. And if I had not heard it from the mouth of Gleb himself, I would not have doubted the veracity of the literary source.

We are again at the same intersection, but the artist is now looking the other way (the picture is called “The people of Israel are alive!”).

The situation has changed somewhat. On the table - a cup of coffee, an open book, near the table - a Jew in a pile. Apparently, the Jew is praying. His face is turned toward the Wailing Wall. It's time for the daily prayer. Prayer two thousand years:

Good lord Open my mouth, and my mouth shall declare thy praise.
Blessed are You, O Lord, our God,
God of our ancestors, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,
God is great, all-powerful and terrible,
God Almighty, doing good deeds,
owning everything
remembering the merits of ancestors
and sending a savior to their descendants,
for the sake of his name
King helping, saving and shield!

The Jew placed his prayer book on the rest of the column with the remains of a Latin inscription. He may know Latin, but he does not care about the inscription or the column itself. The main thing - he is in Jerusalem, he reads a prayer for the glory of the Most High.

... raise a banner to gather exiles,
gather us from the four corners of the earth.

Blessed art thou
gathering the wanderers of his people Israel.

A Jew looks up from a book, repeating the words of a prayer. He is the living embodiment of the ancestral faith that the Jews will return to their sacred sites, that they will meet in Jerusalem next year and next.

Mercifully return to your city jerusalem
and dwell in it according to His promise.
Arrange it soon, nowadays, forever,
And the throne of David shall be established in him soon.

The inscription on the column is evidence that the Romans once visited this place in Jerusalem. They expelled the Jews, scattered across the Mediterranean, sold into slavery, just killed:

If I forget you, Jerusalem, let my right hand wither.
Stick my tongue to my throat if I don’t remember you ...

A thin veil separates the Jew from the past. It rises, centuries rush, rustle like paper, - a thin partition between the past and the present. And behind these scrolls is a tired or dead legionary. He came with one of the legions to conquer Jerusalem. His spear pierces a scroll - it is like a reminder of all conquerors who have sunk into eternity.

Jew prays.

... and let all evil perish instantly,
and all the enemies of your people shall soon be crushed,
but malevolently eradicate and consume,
cast down and be subdued in the near future.
Blessed art thou
crushing enemies and degrading malevolent

Jew prays. And while the Jew is praying, the people of Israel live!

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