What is interesting creativity Philip Farmer?

Imagine that our Universe is only one of many. (An interesting scientific and philosophical idea!) Almost all Universes, including ours, are created by an ancient race of rulers. They are the main characters of the series. But not only. Some of the most ordinary inhabitants of the Earth, and from different eras and places, find themselves embroiled in dangerous adventures.

This is a summary of the cycle. But what is interesting about Philip Farmer's fiction?

This is so definitely not immediately say. Him own style, all of his novels can truly be called "the worlds of Farmer," as one of his publications.

One of the features of the author - just wild imagination, even by the standards of the fiction genre! From the position of the official science of that (and in something of ours) time, his works may seem anti-scientific. But in my opinion, the writer has just a different scale of plots. He created whole worlds in the literal sense of the word.

  • For example, this cycle describes a completely artificial world, which is a tower (not a familiar ball to us!). Each of its levels is a certain type of society. Only the creator of the world, the representative of the race of rulers, can get from level to level. He is at the very top and watches everyone from his palace. At the same time, Farmer is little concerned with the problems of gravity and scientific laws. He simply makes the assumption that with a certain development of civilization it will be possible to create whole worlds with given laws.

As a consequence of this approach - for the writer. there are no forbidden topics. Society and politics, issues of faith and religion, intimate sphere. First of all, reading the "Multi-tiered World", we get acquainted with the author's idea of ​​the true structure of any society. On the illusions of ordinary people, the hidden mechanisms of power, the relationship of master-servant and the like, perhaps unpleasant things for someone.

  • At the same time the author puts a kind of social experiment. And at a significant time interval. In the "Multi-Tier World" we are shown those who have unlimited power and almost unlimited possibilities. They are immortal, can be anyone and do anything. And what do the rulers do? They destroy each other, even for no apparent reason, but rather out of boredom. And their arrogance knows no bounds.
  • Below them, by the standards of the rulers, people are only pawns in an endless game. But few understand, living their usual lives. In the story it becomes clear that the race of rulers is a dying species. They have almost completely destroyed each other. In addition, actively using the inventions of their scientists, they no longer understand how they work. Without technology, they are quite vulnerable.

As a result, the reality of any of Farmer's novels is rather uncomfortable, frank, cruel. But we draw quite a convincing picture of possible reality and the structure of society.

But this is the essence of good fiction, isn't it? And precisely those his books and attractive. Farmer's heroes are above all people like us. Here is another feature of the author.

Summary of parts of the cycle:

  • The “Creator of universes” begins with the “awakening of consciousness” of a middle-aged professor. He is associated with a race of rulers and one of their worlds.
  • In the "Gateway of the universe" we will witness the exciting adventures of a group of rulers. Some of them, as we shall see, are still able to change for the better. (In this case, the author explores the psychology of man. After all, the rulers are the same people.)
  • In "Personal Space" we will discuss a man from Earth, a friend of the main character (Kickaha), his adventures in one of the worlds. It was there that he found a new home. And under different names at the same time.
  • "Behind the walls of Terra" - the adventures will throw our heroes to the Earth, where everyone has long been ruled by one of the rulers (why do you think we have so many problems?).
  • "Lavalitovy world" - several rulers fall into a very strange and changeable world.
  • “The Wrath of the Red Orc” is a novel about one of the rulers and a very controversial person.
  • “More Than Fire” - The Red Orc and Kickaha will confront.

By the way, the first 5 novels are voiced in audio. And they can somehow find and listen.

Read, listen, dive into the atmosphere of the "Multi-tiered world."

Watch the video: Fortress farms (December 2019).


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