What flowers to plant in March-April? We are preparing for the summer season

From mid-March, it is time to plant flowers that will decorate your garden plot in the summer.


Seeds should be planted superficially until March 25, and the soil should be nutritious and loose. Some gardeners mix seeds with dry sand to prevent thickening. After 10–17 days, the first shoots will begin to appear from the ground.

The plant is not afraid of light frosts, so the seedlings can be planted early, but it should always maintain a moderate soil moisture. Such capriciousness of a snapdragon with interest will pay off when bright high inflorescences appear at your dacha.

Carnation grass

This beautiful flower is a low perennial. Three months after sowing, the first flowers appear - small and bright, sometimes with a clearly defined contour of the middle. The optimal variant of a dive under the scheme 15 × 15 cm.

Growing carnations, grass, special complexity is no different. The main thing is to choose a sunny place for it, where there is a light fertile soil with a neutral or slightly alkaline reaction. The plant tolerates drought well, but excessive moisture can destroy it, so drain the soil if necessary.

Alissum annual, or lobularia

The plant has a pleasant honey aroma and delicate shades of petals (they are lilac, white, yellow, pink). Growing seedlings suitable for alissum, for this sowing seeds in March.

In May-June, the first flowering begins. However, be careful - white varieties have a pronounced aroma, so I advise sensitive people not to plant a one-year-old Alissum near the windows and gazebos.

Coleus (nettle)

An exquisite perennial plant, the "highlight" of which are incredibly beautiful colorful leaves. For the cultivation of flowers, seeds are sown superficially (slightly pressing a finger into the soil) in early March. After a couple of weeks, the first shoots appear. Coleus can be planted in the soil as soon as the spring frosts end.


Lavender can start sowing in the first half of March. In this case, the seeds are placed shallowly - to half a centimeter. After 2-3 weeks, the first shoots appear. However, it is possible to plant lavender into the ground only after the end of spring frosts.

This sun-loving plant grows well in hot weather. Heavy clay soils that do not pass air and water badly can be detrimental to it. Therefore, lavender should be planted in well-ventilated, sunny places with alkaline soil. As a rule, lavender needs two or three vegetation periods in order for it to reach its standard large size.


The once popular plant has now ceded primacy to others, but some flower growers adhere to old traditions and necessarily include vervain in compositions at summer cottages.

Before sowing, seeds are soaked in a growth stimulator (they do not germinate well without this procedure) and are sown on seedlings in mid-March.

When planting seedlings in the ground should be noted that this verbena likes space, so the distance between seedlings should be at least 25-30 cm. In addition, humus soil is not suitable for these plants - verbena will produce a large number of new leaves, but will no longer bloom.


These flowers can be grown as sowing seeds directly in open ground, and through seedlings. In the latter method, it is necessary to start sowing seeds (surface) in March-April. If you maintain the correct temperature (21−24 degrees), then after a week or two, the first shoots will appear. Do not forget to keep the seedlings in a bright place and water regularly, then lush and at the same time very delicate flowers will decorate your site in a few weeks.


Seeds of iberis, usually white, sow them in March and early April. The plant is very unpretentious, but it looks beautiful, so it is suitable even for beginners florist. Iberis grows well on sandy, loamy and rocky soils with sufficient breathability, loves sunlight.


This flower can reach a meter in height, therefore in its compositions, as a rule, it is planted in the center. Thin petals give the inflorescence inflorescence. It is a perennial plant, and it is better to start sowing seeds for seedlings in early April.


This beautiful plant has very small seeds, they are sown only superficially. After 7−14 days from the ground, the first shoots appear.

After the frosts recede, the seedlings can be planted in open ground, and the distance between the plants should be 30-35 cm, as the petunia quickly bushes and grows.

Warm spring and bright summer to you!

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