Christmas-mandarin mood, or How to become a magician?

No other month intrigues with the anticipation of a miracle as much as the New Year's Eve December. Everything is just imbued with a fairy tale: the flickering lights of the evening city, tinsel and Christmas-tree balls, garlands ... And even some other people - kind, mysterious, New Year's ... And I want it to be like this forever. And I want to be a wizard myself and create a little fairy tale - for myself, for my relatives and friends, for my friends. But how?

Remember - from Cinderella - "I'm not a wizard I'm just studying"? You can learn at least a lifetime, but sometimes it is still worth trying a little bit to be a real wizard. For example, to create a magical mood and yourself, and others. For example, happy New Year to parents, relatives, friends and buddies.

So what? - you ask. And the fact that you can congratulate them not by phone and not by e-mail, and not in social networks. And to sign for all relatives and friends the most real greeting cards, seal them in the most real New Year envelopes and send them by the most usual Russian mail. Once all that and congratulated each other on holidays, but it seems that it was so long ago! And now the letters “in the old manner” are written except by our grandmothers, all the others who have long and firmly made friends with a computer, the Internet, and e-mail, and civilization cannot imagine living without them. And there are chats, sms, "classmates" ...

That is why in our computer age it is very nice, looking in the mailbox, to unexpectedly take out not only the utility bill and the mountain of leaflets, but the real letter itself is a small New Year miracle. And feel this magical mood that can be conveyed by writing touching lines with your own hand, rather than typing text in a text editor. And ponozhalgirovat, and imbued with the upcoming holiday, and stay a little sentimental.

In this case, you can get untold pleasure from both the process of writing and sending congratulations, and from the responses of recipient letters. It’s a pity if you write and send such letters every year - a surprise will no longer be a surprise, because you quickly get used to good things ... But if you haven’t taken a regular pen in your hands for a long time and don’t put an envelope in a regular (not electronic!) Mailbox - you have a chance make such a magical New Year surprise to your relatives, friends and relatives.

You can still have time! Before the New Year, mail begins to work in emergency mode, and not all letters will be delivered to the recipients on time. But it does not matter! If a person receives a greeting card even in mid-January, this will only prolong the holiday for him. Magic mood is never inappropriate.

And in order to completely surprise everyone - put some confetti or sparkles in the envelope. Or small stars, snowflakes (now so much is sold!). Or some Christmas tree needles (of course, the real ones, smelling like the New Year!). And the envelope itself can be decorated (it can be done by your children or you yourself if you wish) - spread the free places with glue and sprinkle with the same sparkles on top. And when the glue dries, shake off the excess. The envelope will be as New Year as you can imagine. Well, when the recipient opens the envelope and starts to get a card - confetti, stars, snowflakes (everything that you put there) will sprinkle from the envelope. The magical mood, the anticipation of the New Year and the feeling of a miracle - this is what you give to a person with your greeting card.

And another highlight: retro mail. If you have New Year cards and / or envelopes from the times of the USSR and you are not going to keep them for posterity, use them to write New Year greeting letters. To receive such a “hello from childhood” is not only New Year’s magical, but also fabulously romantic. In this case, the addressee, in addition to the magical mood, is also guaranteed an evening of nostalgic memories of celebrating the New Year in childhood.

Let's create magic for our loved ones! We will be some wizards!

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