How to make a niche from drywall under the TV?

We will make a niche as in the photo, which is displayed at the beginning of the article.

Niche parameters

Niche sizes may vary depending on the project. In this case, take the approximate dimensions so that you can understand the principle of assembly design.

We set the parameters of our design:

  • Niche height - 2.70 m.
  • Length - 3.40 m.
  • Our columns will be 70 cm.
  • Between the columns the space will be 2 m, under the TV.
  • Niche depth - 25 cm.
  • The upper part of the construction is 40 cm wide and 3.40 m long.
  • Shelves - 50 cm.
  • Remains the lower part of the column - 80 cm.
  • Curbstone under vases, columns, DVD - length is 2 m, width is 50 cm, height is 40 cm.

A very common mistake when marking is done without taking into account drywall. Profiles are screwed up, then drywall is screwed, which is plus 1 cm on each side. Therefore, the markup must be done minus 1 cm, and we will install our guides there. Together, after a drywall patch, we get the dimensions set by the design project.

Marking on the wall and floor

Since we will use the guides, the size of which is 75 × 40 mm, then the drywall will be screwed on both sides of 12.5 mm, as a result, the side walls of the columns will be exactly 10 cm. How did this happen?

  • We simply add 12.5 mm (drywall) to 75 mm (guide) and we get 100 mm, that is 10 cm.

Install the laser and draw four vertical lines (you can draw with a pencil or a jabber). Do not forget that the labels should be put in view of the drywall. Therefore, the two outer lines of the columns will be at a distance of 3 m 38 cm, then from these lines we measure 52 cm inside the niche.

Periodically look at the photo at the beginning of the article, and you will see the desired picture.

Draw a horizontal line. Since the top of the niche will be with internal illumination, then we lower our line 29 cm from the ceiling, and then the internal shelf where the LED strip will be installed will be 10 cm.

We draw the markup for the bollard, measure out 39 cm from the floor, because then another drywall will be installed 1 cm, in the end we will get 40 cm of the height of the bollard. Next, take the laser "crab" and draw on the floor and on the ceiling of the line 24 cm from the wall - this border determines the thickness and depth of the niche.

Frame installation

In general, it should be said about a very important detail. There are currently in the "plasterboard world" guide profiles of size 27 × 28, 50 × 40, 75 × 40, 100 × 40 mm and rack profiles 60 × 27, 50 × 50, 75 × 50, 100 × 50 mm. If the walls of the niche are not 5 cm, 7.5 cm and 10 cm, but will be larger than these sizes, then in order to save customer’s money and nerves, we use a guide profile of 27 × 28 mm.

In the design project, which you can see at the beginning of the article, the guide profile will be 75 × 40 mm and the rack profile 75 × 50 mm (for niche columns and shelves), as well as the guide profile 27 × 28 and the rack 60 × 27 mm (for cabinets and niche tops).

Cut the 3 guides 75 × 40 mm 2.70 m.

  • Must be remembered: Always cut the profile 0.5–1 cm smaller than the set size.

Then we twist 3 profiles 75 × 40 on our vertical lines, which we have previously drawn on the wall.

Now we set the angle of the columns on the ceiling and on the floor with a square. You can simply put the corners of the columns on the floor and raise these points to the ceiling using a plumb line or a laser. On the ceiling we twist the guide profile 75 × 40 mm, this will make one profile 3 meters and a piece of 32 cm. On the floor we need to cut and wind two profiles 75 × 40 mm by 70 cm and 4 profiles 75 × 40 mm by 17 cm.

Pay attention to the photo where the curtain is located - we collect this side of the niche on the floor. Then we put this construction in a vertical line on the wall and twist it into the wall, floor and ceiling.

It remains to install three more guideways 75 × 40 mm - and the columns are ready. For shelves we make mortgages from a rack profile 75 × 50 mm. We wind drywall on the columns.

For the pedestal and the top of the niche where there will be a backlight (see photo), we use profiles of 27 × 28 mm and 60 × 27 mm. We assemble in the same way as the columns.

Now we invite painters. And so that they always meet you with tea and sweets, do your job efficiently. And for this, you still need to work with the master at least once in order to see the whole “kitchen” of interior decoration from the inside.

Watch the video: Drywall Plastering Skim Coat a Niche Wall (December 2019).


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