How to pass the exam without preparation?

It is useless if you do not possess the elementary skills of the psychology of communication (with monsters of science) and do not own your language so that you can speak a lot, beautifully and seemingly on the subject, without understanding this at all.

Well, First of all, you need absolute, impenetrable confidence. Before approaching the torturer, think five times: "I know everything." This cute thought should be imprinted in your eyes so that the teacher could read it immediately.

And now exhale, and with a calm gait you come up and sit down to hand over your ticket. If you have enough strength and arrogance, you can smile with your most charming smile: they say our meetings with you are so beautiful!

Secondlyyou have to watch your posture and your movements. Over time, you will not even have to think about it, but for now you need to control yourself so as not to betray anxiety, ignorance or fear with posture and gestures. Remember: no crossed arms or legs, chaotically rotating handles in the hands, nerve fingers, crumpling the leaflet or teasing collar. All this will give an unsure person, seeking to close, hide from the interlocutor, and you just inspired yourself that you know everything.

So sit down as if you know everything and show your knowledge to the teacher for you to be high.

  • Legs firmly on the floor, back straight, head raised.
  • The whole body is deployed to the teacher, a confident look at him.
  • Hands better put on the table and do not jerk them.

Well, now you look like a student who has been intensely preparing for the exam for the entire semester.

Pay attention to how the teacher himself is sitting, and try to mirror his pose slightly. Psychologists have proven that we like those who are like us. So stand at this moment a bit like a teacher. Just do not turn into a monkey! Your “confidence posture” will not suffer from minor adjustments, but the monster's sympathy will increase.

Finally, make eye contact - open eyes in the eyes - and begin to respond. Here you will need the ability to talk a lot, beautifully and almost on the topic.

Surely at least you know something about the subject: I was at a lecture a couple of times, I opened a notebook, I heard from classmates in the corridor. Just from this and dance.

When your long round-the-word speeches are bored by the teacher, he will want to ask questions.

And here you even have a choice:

  • you can again begin your speeches and tire them so hard that it will be easier to get rid of you by putting a grade in the record book;
  • but you can repeat the question, only as a declarative sentence, adding some details along the way, and gradually move on to long speeches;
  • or you mirror the question, but then you pretend that the answer is here, in your language, and you cannot pick up the words you need.

As a rule, at this moment the necessary (and most importantly - correct) words are helped by the teacher. Your business is to catch them and weave them in speech.

Well, in principle, that's all. Good luck with exams!

Watch the video: How to pass an exam without studying (December 2019).


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