We will consider happiness?

Now they ask: how much? A couple of years ago, happiness was measured on a seven-point scale. It was enough to ask how happy you are from one to seven points (it turned out at the same time the reason: falling in love, giving birth to a child, a major success), and drawing conclusions. Interestingly, someone guessed to answer that he was "off scale"? Still, happiness, not anyhow.

Now here is a new discovery: the level of happiness (without quotes, and write) remains unchanged throughout life. That is, the child was happy for a couple of years (for some reason they are not taken away, but maybe not necessary) - and you return to normal, to your normal state. For some reason, three years are spent on love ...

Only here the usual state is different for everyone. There are people who are generally prone, as they say, to hypomania states: they are always well and happy, for no apparent reason. They eat tasty, live tasty, charging us with cheerfulness and optimism (sometimes even annoying by the same). There are those who mourn over and without; there are whiners, we all need for some reason in this world. Maybe, at first, we should measure our “initial” state, but to whom should it be billed that, they say, they didn’t get any happiness?

And economists began to write about happiness. Well, I understand: neuroscientists are able to "take off" and calculate everything that our glands secrete, and appreciate all our pleasures and pleasures. And, quite accurately. And economists, apparently, refuse to believe the bike that “the rich are crying too,” and they firmly know that we cannot see happiness without a high level of income. Although they recognize that the level of happiness in developed countries for some reason does not increase.

The most interesting results from the lottery winners. Changes in life can be enormous, but with happiness tugovato. And for some reason, it is often torn in the family.

I wonder if anyone will ever measure the level of grief ... Too, everything is simple: stress hormones are known, carefully done tests - and so what? Welcome to the therapist? Or somewhere to present a piece of paper? And will a grieving person be helped by a fair statement that time heals, that everything passes, that there will be more of happiness, since its level is unchanged?

Still, some contradictions among psychologists are observed. On the one hand, everybody advises almost to program oneself for good luck and to add it in every way possible by means of greater social activity, playing sports (and indeed, the risk of depression decreases several times), creativity, helping others and so on. On the other hand, it is invariable ... Some kind of incorrect equation is obtained.

And it is better not to be afraid to be happy. Even if there are no suitable and very important events in life for this. You can assign your favorite to your happiness. The sea, shopping, evening tea with children and household, chatting with a girlfriend (highly recommended), hobbies and hobbies ... Or maybe just feel more acutely, aware of the uniqueness and transience of the moment? And if "my sorrow is light"? Assign your sadness to happiness? Happiness you are my onion ...

But if the level of happiness is really limited, let's appreciate it. Every second. Our happiness measured by someone.

But where to put the literature?

For white, blue light -
in its wideness and smoothness
I know - there is no happiness
but I know where to look.
Bye all hope drop by drop
did not cry in the warm silence,
you repent clear sky
and road dust dust.
Judge love and duty
wickedly able Wednesday.
Love sometimes not for long
but love duty is forever.

From a variety of sincere opinions
the only correct thing is
which is in the throes of doubt
no one will speak directly.
Hurry, rise, fit -
verbs of success and lies.
Patience is not worth the standing ovation,
but life is worth the patience.
Take off even in the great heights,
even lie on a calm bottom -
all happiness is in the only thought
what is achievable to us.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Well, if there is no happiness, no fate,
well, if everything is unclear all around
you start again with dreams and divination,
don't punch the empty sky with your fist
and believe. Faith is given to everyone
there will be joy if you add sadness to sadness ...
Let the people condescending to us
believe that we know by heart.

There is a terrible trouble for every disaster -
to the consolations of yourself you
we are happy if pain
leaves us for a while sometimes.
All is not ours - neither the beginning, nor the ends,
our life is the salt of the earth
and wise men are happy
that your path through misfortunes passed.

(Alexander Dolsky)

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