How to learn to enjoy life? Refer to the concept of "leisure life"

Such people are dissatisfied with everyone who slowly walks ahead of them. They are annoyed: queues of four people, “cumbersome” cashiers in supermarkets, slow “crawling” elevators, measured and leisurely conversations. They even play their own weddings in a hurry. “I'm busy!” - their usual response to the requests of someone from home.

All on the run! ... And enjoy life - also in between times? For everyone, and out loud: “What other joys are up to you!” And to myself: “When will I have a break? How to break out of this circle? ”

The quieter you go, the further you'll get! In contrast to this Western “syndrome of fast life”, the concept of “unhurried life” was born in the same West. It originated and spreads with another fashion (or really need) all over the world. In unhurriedness see common sense and even some imperative of the times.

Unhurried human life is not laziness in the prosaic sense. Not indifference to problems and not denial of active life.

This is a slowdown in life rates in order to achieve a balance of life, which, in turn, guarantees a balanced, thoughtful perception of the world. As a result - confidence in life and active struggle for their happy life. In a sense, unhurried life is an opportunity to enjoy the joys of life now, not to postpone the good things to "tomorrow."

And how, then, "slow down" your pace? How to start such a "slowly-wonderful" life?

First of all, it is necessary to agree that the only sources of energy for all of us are: tasty and healthy food, daily exercise and spiritual development.

Agreeing with this, start with the most important thing - with tasty and healthy food that you just need to absorb only with pleasure and, which is very important, not in a hurry. If on weekdays it is already problematic to arrange improvised hours-long tea ceremonies, then on weekends, start living according to the “scenario” of some Eastern religious and philosophical practices.

The scenario is quite simple - the day is divided into three parts: the time of preparation for the ritual, the time of the ritual itself and the time after the ritual, followed by a night's sleep.

However, such "rituals" and in Russia - at least a dime a dozen! For example: in the morning they put dough and make mince, then they bake pies ... Many guests come and eat everything. Drink everything too. Completion of the "ritual" - songs and dances followed by deep sleep. Already forgot what it is? Revive it all - start a healthy unhurried life.

Higher, faster, stronger? No, no, no ... Long live the "slow" sport! Hour jogging or energetic walking, coupled with heartfelt contemplation of the surrounding reality - another component of a healthy mentality and the desire to live well against all odds. To be soaked with sweat and breathe a little from a lack of strength - this motivates a little to exertion. Slow and quiet exercise will bring you real pleasure.

During the walk, you can easily talk with someone about a personal one or think alone about the eternal; load and speed can be easily controlled. Walking for an hour is a great anti-depressant and a great opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle for spiritual self-knowledge.

No strength, no desire to dive into spiritual self-knowledge? Do not need! Immerse yourself in a warm bath for an hour or two. Relax and think about the meaning of ... someone's life. Or remember the pleasant things from your own. Dream up, dream ... Take a nap in the end. Slowly so.

It is difficult for a getter in a family (sometimes the only one) to allocate enough time to read books and exercise for obvious reasons. But he must be healthy physically and spiritually - otherwise there are very few chances to improve his life and the lives of his loved ones. There will be only chances to survive. But is this life? Look for time for a leisurely life.

The concept of "unhurried life" is nothing more than a normal calm and measured life. So I want to say in conclusion: "If you want to have time to do a lot in life, hurry up, not hurrying!"

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